Andorra Interest Rates

The Andorran economy with a population of 85,000 (Est. 2011 census) ranks 169th in the world with a GDP PPP of 3.1 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 37,200 vs. 52,800 (United States).It is considered a tax haven and the currency used witin the country is the Euro (EUR). Its recent inflation was 1.1% in 2012 and -2.5% in 2011. These data sources are from the CIA website using 2011/2013 statistics.

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Andorra Banks

Showing rates for 5 Bank deposit providers in Andorra.
Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Credit Andorra Credit Andorra 11 1949 N/A
MoraBanc MoraBanc 9 1938 Local
BancSabadell Andorra BancSabadell Andorra 6 2000 Foreign
Banca Privada Andorra Banca Privada Andorra 4 1957 Local
Andbank Andbank 1930 Local
Synchrony Bank
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1.65 % APY
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Discover Bank
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1.55 % APY
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CD 60 Months
2.80 % APY
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